Angkor Wat Stage 8

  • Mystic Hammer.
  • Freeze Hammer.
So this is stage 8, as you can see in the requirements "Freeze Hammer" is required to open the secret path but you can get all the jewels and diamonds and win the stage without this hammer.

(Click on the image to play the video) 


Anonymous said...

I am stuck in stage 2 Bavaria and cannot get into the water to move the ball accross to open the door.

Anonymous said...

use this code #4772 and select 9
then go to stage 8 u'll find magic portion

Anonymous said...

Stuck on level 8 siberia can't find the gold key to open the door to finish the stage

luna said...

nella fase 7 di Angkor wat, ci sono tre livelli segreti.
come si supera il terzo?
qualcuno è riuscito a completarlo?
mi aiutate?

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