Angkor Wat Stage 7

  • Mystic Hammer.
A secret path will be found out in this stage but i suggest you guys should complete the stage first. You can go to the secret path after the completion of the stage.

(Click on the image to play the video) 


Anonymous said...

Grrr, I know i've collected all three red diamonds but on the map it still says 1/3 >:(

Umar Ahmad said...

The red diamonds are collected only once the stage is finished.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i have the same issue. I collected all 3 diamonds. but on the map it says 2/3 when i went back to check all the chests were open,

Anonymous said...

I have completed the stage multiple times but cannot find the red diamonds help

Anonymous said...

were can i find the mystic hook?

Anonymous said...

Have you foung the cookie? Plz share.

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